30 Mar 2011

Le Spectacle

came across this on booooooom.com this morning, by XAVIER BARRADE.
hanging installation made from 1000 price labels. I have to say I'm a real fan of this guy's work, he's done a lot of clean projects across all disciplines that are easy on the eye, including some sexy info-graphics which I'm always a sucker for.

28 Mar 2011

26 Mar 2011


Summer seems to have came out of nowhere, which is nice.

25 Mar 2011


Had the pleasure of spending a week across the Atlantic in New York. We went with the uni and stayed at the very pleasant 'Comfort Inn' located on 25th street/6th avenue, in Manhattan baby. Amongst various visits to studios and design agencies, we tasted the delights of American culture; the people, their fast food, shopping and sightseeing. The week was kind of a blur looking back on it now, I crammed in alot of stuff and still found time to get ill for a day. Despite that the experience spent in another continent altogether was fantastic for me and really eye-opening. Inspired and entertained we flew back with a whole collection of memories and photos. Here's a few.

20 Mar 2011


I'm all over this ad(idas) can't wait for that tasty Justice single, on it to be released next month too.

19 Mar 2011


Behind the scenes of our sketchy green-screen moth-shoot.


Spent a week with Jack Phillips putting together a viral campaign promoting energy saving lightbulbs. The results were pretty rough around the edges after a heavy all-nighter shooting and editing this bad boy for the crit the same day. Great fun nonetheless.