27 Feb 2011

Shop! @ KK

Our set up: model with tapes. Better photos to come.

Shop! hits the KK Outlet after an intense 2 week illustration/graphics collaborative mash-up. 
Pretty stressful, great fun and well worth seeing our work on some walls in a real-life gallery like KK. (kind of a big deal) Our group slung together some high street research on women's shirt sizing, ranging from the smallest XXS to the biggest XXL. We sourced sleeve lengths, waists, busts etc to create measuring tapes that would demonstrate which store would be the most appropriate to shop in tailored to your very own measurements.

Helen Willets

Put this together, more unpleasant snow talk this time from a miserable Helen Willets.

16 Feb 2011

Snow Negativity

Put this together before Christmas compiled from a selection of December's forecasts. I've extracted 'anti-snow' adjectives warning viewers of the perils of snow in the UK, attempting to demonstrate the farcical fuss made by our weather forecasters. Currently working into this further this week, so stay tuned for any more on-going snow hatred.

15 Feb 2011

Re-enactment: 21st Century Gandhi

A Day In With Gandhi from Andrew Dawes on Vimeo.
Not much to be said about this, we made a modern day Gandhi montage for our Moving Image brief, in response to the title 'Re-enactment.' This was filmed around my house as we set about exposing the real nature of everyone's favourite Indian pacifist. Also an example of some of the laughs we have at Kingston University.


Full video to follow...