23 Apr 2011

Creative Careers

Spending my Easter break putting together a Creative Careers Dossier Toolkit.
I have a Dissertation Proposal to do when I'm done so I can't wait to finish!
Stopping to watch this kind of gold so its not all bad.

19 Apr 2011


Love this, nothing more to say.

15 Apr 2011


These are some snaps I took on my iphone at the Pick Me Up art fair a few weeks ago, plenty of slick stuff on show which makes me want to up my game and do some work I'm proud of. 
The Evening Tweed  room was a fave, got chatting to one of the crew, Owen, who's got a new website as it happens.

14 Apr 2011

Worth Posting


This song is in my head for many reasons.

10 Apr 2011

Commemorative Benches

My latest self-initiated project became a study of memorial benches dotted all over Kingston. I was intrigued by their charm and symbolism of the deceased as an interactive seat for the public. This led me to celebrating the past life of the bench itself as the tree it once was, so I put together three different plaques commemorating three particular types of trees, certain benches have been made from. I then proceeded to photograph them in idyllic locations, where they'd be encountered. I'm aware the plaques may be too subtle, perhaps blending in unnoticed, or is that the general message? I might come back to this project and make some alterations someday.

2 Apr 2011

This Blows My Mind

 This clock is made out of 150 synchronised clockworks, spelling out the time on the hour, every hour.

1 Apr 2011

Typography Today

Our typography crit went down today, where we presented our two double page spreads for the proposed 'This is Tomorrow' publication the uni are splashing out on later this year. We had to give a futuristic representation of typography in the world of tomorrow and this was our entry. We aimed to demonstrate the renaissance of typography in the post digital and digital age, from the hand-rendered to the computer-generated. 

Our forecast was the impending arrival of a post-digital age in which human interaction would have to co-operate with technology in order to overcome dependancy on the digital. Effectively bringing about a fresh renaissance. The verification (captcha) codes became the tool we used to present how a familiar computerised device requires human interaction for it to function. Really, really pleased with all we got done for today but some alterations may be in order, so stay tuned.